Howard and Abby Milstein - about the foundation

Howard P. Milstein, Co-Chair
Abby S. Milstein, Co-Chair

Grants Administrator:
Georgette F. Bennett, Ph.D.

Financial Administrator:
Eric Kaplan

The Howard & Abby Milstein Foundation is a private charity and accepts no unsolicited proposals. To contact the Foundation, email us at

About the Foundation

The Howard and Abby Milstein Foundation is taking on some of the most challenging issues facing the world today. The Foundation has been active for fifteen years — for the last five years under the current name and, in the previous ten years, as the Howard P. Milstein Foundation.

Howard and Abby’s involvement, leadership and giving align with the essence of “Venture Philanthropy”, which brings the principles of venture capitalism to philanthropy. These include active engagement in organization and operations; encouraging an entrepreneurial approach to innovation and change; and finding and investing in leaders in the field. The Howard and Abby Milstein Foundation’s strategic gifts, institutional leadership and hands-on involvement stimulate innovation, create efficiencies and produce results. Howard and Abby participate financially, intellectually and emotionally in the organizations they support.

Seven core areas have emerged from their vision:

  • Medical Research, Biotechnology & Science
  • Higher Education & Youth
  • History
  • Religious and Communal Organizations
  • Arts & Culture
  • Law Enforcement & Homeland Security
  • Civic Engagement


This video pays tribute to Abby and Howard Milstein and their philanthropic activities. The Milsteins participate financially, intellectually and emotionally in building the institutions to which they commit themselves.